Newton International Fellowships

Applications are made online through Flexi-Grant®, an electronic application system run by the Royal Society. You must have a strong research project and a UK Co-applicant.

Applications for all Newton International Fellowships should be made online through the Royal Society's new Electronic Grant Application and Processing system Flexi-Grant®.

The scheme notes for the 2018 round can be found here.

You should also be aware that an application is made jointly by you and your proposed UK Co-applicant. Please note that no help in finding a UK Co-applicant will be provided by either of the three implementing academies. You need to have agreed a research project with your proposed UK Co-applicant before you apply.

You will be asked to identify two independent referees who are familiar with your area of research. You should send them a copy of your application; please make sure that they are aware of the main features of your proposal.

You will also be asked to provide details of two additional individuals (as specified on the scheme notes) who will have to submit statements of support via Flexi-Grant® outlining your suitability for the Fellowship and explaining how it will benefit your research career.

The scheme is very competitive and as such it is important to make the best case for your application. You should:

  • Include all relevant information and supporting arguments in the application. The application stands alone and there is no opportunity for reconsideration on further evidence after assessments have been made.
  • Observe the assessment criteria to ensure you are providing the necessary information to show how your application meets these.
  • Present your application clearly; evidence of good planning, financial responsibility and measurable outcomes can be as important as excellent research.
  • Save information entered on Flexi-Grant® as you proceed: you may be automatically logged out after a long period of inactivity and any unsaved information will be lost.
  • Print a copy of your application and check that no information is omitted before submitting: once submitted you will not be able to edit your application without asking your approver to return it to you.